With the trailer parked in Bellevue we made a day trip to Brigus. It is a small fishing community located in Conception Bay and it is a very popular tourist stop. It was the home of Captain Bob Bartlett and the location of his residence Hawthorne Cottage. There are many Arctic Heroes that came from, Read More

Cape St Mary’s was our destination after our visit to Brigus. This is an Ecological Reserve hosting one of Newfoundland’s seabird colonies. During the breeding season it is home to 24,000 Northern Gannets 20,000kittiwake, 20,000 murre and 2,000 thick billed murre, 100 pair of razorbill and 60 pair of black guillemot. A sight to, Read More

Will I finished work April 30. In June we purchased a 36 foot travel trailer and left Fort McMurray, Alberta bound for Newfoundland. The first day and we across Alberta, the second Saskatchewan  and the third Manitoba. In Ontario we met up with my sister Eliz and her man Frank for a weekend. Most, Read More