Bahia Navidad, Caleta de Campos to Ixtapa



Left Navidad at 8 in the morning, we were surprised when Hugo showed up to escort us out of the harbour, everyone saying a very sad goodbye. A few hours later we made a stop in Santiago where Hudson and Maggie did a dive on an old wreck located in the harbour. Hudson took the go pro camera and there is some awesome footage of their dive.We ate lunch on shore and set out for an overnight sail to Caleta de Campos. Shortly after daylight the next morning we hooked a tuna!

Once anchored at Campos we went ashore in the dink, all four of us. On the last wave I misjudged the timing and the dink flipped over. All four of us ended up in the water with the dinghy on top and the engine still running!  I did not attach the emergency chord to myself (lesson learned).   Luckily no one got hurt. The cameras and phones were in a water tight bag, all except for Hudson’s phone and it didn’t make it. We visited a few of the many palapa roofed restaurants along the beach and then headed back to the boat. Hudson and Maggie swam (lost faith in the dinghy captain!!!).

Back at the boat, we all went swimming and things started to relax again. I went snorkelling for the first time in 25 years or so. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more snorkelling with the spear gun. We had ribs and tuna for dinner, a few more drinks,  and went to bed with plans for a 5 o’clock rise to sail to Ixtapa. A school of dolphins joined us along the way. Hudson captured some video


The following day we arrived Ixtapa at 4 pm but had to wait for a dredge to finish work at the marina entrance. We drifted and waited, had lunch and a few drinks (Hudson made exoctic cocktails..!!).   Checked in at the office at 6 and went to Zihuatanejo where we had lunch and a few more cocktails. Zihuatanejo is a beautiful place and very alive.

The next day we visited Isla Grande,  about a hour from Ixtapa where we swam, rented a kayak, had a snack and generally relaxed.  Arrived back at the marina around 5 and got ready to go to Zihuatanejo. As we were passing the restaurant where we ate last night,  the waiter came running out telling us he had over charged us the night before and returned the 110 pesos.   So much for the dishonest Mexicans!!!. We had dinner at another restaurant in the area, very good meal and the last one with Hudson and Maggie.

January 19th. we went to visit the Crocks and said a very sad goodbye to Hudson and Maggie. I took a video(attached) of a gentleman opening coconuts, note the military with their automatics.A techie guy, Antonio, came to look at the radar, but what did we do with the connection??  We have misplaced it!!!. Antonio left and returned with a part but it did not fit.   He will keep looking and return when he finds something. We searched the boat again but no luck.Didn’t do much this evening  as we are bushed after a month of steady traveling.We met a couple here on Sea Star from Texas who left today  for ports further South and then back to Texas. We met people from two other boats at the marina. Phil and Desley from Wind Dancer and Rich and Jenny from S/V Plan Sea.   Phil and Desley are headed back to the States, Rich and Jenny are headed to the French Polynesians, Hawaii and Alaska. All six of us went to a place called Lobsters in Xtapa for dinner and followed up with drinks on board . Great company. Mary is still commenting on how tidy their boat is and looking at me every time….not sure why!! Happy sailing guys and here is a Newfie saying “Long may your big jib draw”!!!

We head home tomorrow with plans to return in a month. We plan to stay here until the electronics are repaired.




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  1. Great blog, Paul! Could you add me to the Youtube link to the GoPro footage? It looks like it is private. Thanks! – Maggie (

    • The two i have loader are now public. I will do the others soon. Let me know if this works. We are in acapulco today. Go Go city

  2. Hey Paul & Mary
    Looks fantastic nice to see you are doing what you enjoy.
    Take Care

  3. Glad you enjoyed. See you in the summer


  4. Awesome blog Paul! So glad you are sharing your adventures and dreams with us!

    • Thankyou very much. Appreciate the complement.

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