We left beautiful Roatan on February 19, 2016 enroute to Isla Mujeres.  We sailed with our buddy boat Orion 1.  It was a two night sail and having another boat to chat with and just be there made the crossing so much more relaxing.  Our first night was a bit rough to say the, Read More

Hello there

December 14th and were ready to leave Panama. One last trip to Colon for provisioning, a delivery of spirits from the free trade zone, a final farewell party at the marina bar and we are off.   Traveling with friends  John and Deb aboard Orion 1, we headed for the island of Providencia. John, Read More

.                   125 nights in our fifth wheel, 276 communities visited in Newfoundland.This summer we  traveled the Viking Trail, Discovery Trail, Baccalieu Trail, the Heritage Run and some other less traveled routes.The summer is over, the trailer is stored for the winter we leave to drive, Read More

After two months in Costa Rica we have transited the Panama Canal. Costa Rica to us was disappointing when compared to the other Latin American Countries. The country is  much more expensive  and we did not find the people nearly as friendly as in the other countries. The paper work checking in and moving, Read More

We checked out of Nicaragua Tuesday, February 2 at 9 am looking forward to the 24 hour trip to Costa Rica. We had a forecast for fair winds, the strongest being 25 knots near midnight forecasted to last 3 to 4 hours. With smooth sailing during the day we tried our luck fishing and, Read More

We had a good sail overnight and today Jan 21st we are docked at the luxury resort of Puesta del Sol in Nicaragua. Beautiful property in an out of the way place and not very busy. There is a small village nearby with a few small tiendas and one small restaurant and a hostel, Read More

It’s the12th of January and we are leaving El Salvador. It is easy to see why people come to visit and never leave. We have met a lot of great people here, people from different parts of the world, who have done just that, come and never left. Friends Gord and Mags, like us,, Read More


After a day in a very busy city, we decided to rent a car and see a little of the El Salvadorian countryside. We left San Salvador in the morning and headed for the ruins of Joya de Ceren. This is the site of a pre-hispanic farming village that was covered by a volcanic, Read More

Naturally our first trip inland would be to San Salvador the capital of El Salvador. With friends Gord and Megs from Kanilela we caught the local bus in front of the marina at 6:45. The trip to San Salvador is a hour and a half with one transfer. You have to ride these buses, Read More

Since our last post in Newfoundland we have spent two weeks in Chiapas, Mexico doing chores on the boat and enjoying time with friends from S/v Grace and s/v Kanilela. Nov. 28th and we are ready to leave Mexico.We have spent four years here. I know we will miss it. We have a lot, Read More