In early October we spent two nights with our friends Lou and Betty Briffett on their boat Lady Courageous, a 50 foot motor cruiser. We went to visit the, what is known locally as, “The Beaches”. It is located in Bloody Bay Reach in Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. It is one of the largest Beothuk, Read More

  We traveled the trailer from Traytown to St John’s and set up in Pippy Park in the heart of the city. We could see the Confederation Building from our window. Our first day trip was to Cape Spear. The lighthouse at Cape Spear was constructed in 1834 or early 1835 and has operated, Read More

On August 27 we traveled the trailer to Burlington to attend the third annual presentation of “The Gathering”. This is a festival organized by local people and local artist. It seems Shaun Majumder a native of Burlington is one of the main people attributed with its success. There are three communities involved in the, Read More

  With the trailer parked in Bellevue we made a day trip to Brigus. It is a small fishing community located in Conception Bay and it is a very popular tourist stop. It was the home of Captain Bob Bartlett and the location of his residence Hawthorne Cottage. There are many Arctic Heroes that came from, Read More

Cape St Mary’s was our destination after our visit to Brigus. This is an Ecological Reserve hosting one of Newfoundland’s seabird colonies. During the breeding season it is home to 24,000 Northern Gannets 20,000kittiwake, 20,000 murre and 2,000 thick billed murre, 100 pair of razorbill and 60 pair of black guillemot. A sight to, Read More

Will I finished work April 30. In June we purchased a 36 foot travel trailer and left Fort McMurray, Alberta bound for Newfoundland. The first day and we across Alberta, the second Saskatchewan  and the third Manitoba. In Ontario we met up with my sister Eliz and her man Frank for a weekend. Most, Read More

  We left Chiapas for Quetzaltenango to do Spanish lessons on Saturday May 30 with Paul and Judy from s/v Grace and Wayne and Judy from s/v Curiositas and Josh ,the driver of the van. After an hour we were at the Guatelmalan border,  where we checked out of Mexico and into Guatelmala ., Read More

We took a trip up in the mountains to get as close as we could to the Tacana volcano. This took us on a two hour van ride up a very winding road to a town as the base of the volcano. This is as close as you can get without hiking up the, Read More

  May 4th and we are ready to leave Ixtapa but the port is closed due to breaking seas at the entrance. The following morning the seas have subsided and we set the sails for Bahia Papanoa forty miles to the South where we plan to anchor for the night. Bahia Papanoa is a, Read More

It is April 9th and we are still in Ixtapa. We have made good progress with repairs to the electronics. The new autopilot is working. We have now replaced the computer, autopilot and GPS. The equipment came with wiring that was too short for the installation on our boat. Although the equipment is now, Read More