Left Navidad at 8 in the morning, we were surprised when Hugo showed up to escort us out of the harbour, everyone saying a very sad goodbye. A few hours later we made a stop in Santiago where Hudson and Maggie did a dive on an old wreck located in the harbour. Hudson took the go, Read More

We arrived Bahia Chamela late morning January 11 after a pleasant sail down from Puerto Vallarta. After anchoring we ate and went for a nap. In the afternoon we went ashore to explore. It seemed to be a real family beach, no modern resorts here just local people having a beautiful day at the, Read More

  After a wonderful night of sailing we rounded the point to the beautiful Banduras Bay and docked at Marina Vallarta at noon. A slight mix up with the slip number as they are not numbered or at least not that we could see. We docked at F38. Checking in we were told we, Read More

  Mazatlan Hudson and I are hungry, so we take a taxi to a place called Panchos to fill ourselves with a good feed of eggs, bacon, beans, toast, fresh squeezed orange juice  and of course nachos with dip. We have the name of a Ray Marine guy but he is out of town, Read More

  December 17th and we are in La Paz to sail the boat further South but we have had some bad luck which will delay out progress somewhat. Genesis received damage in hurricane Odile that swept up the Bahai in September. Most of the damage was to the railing. Genesis fell over on another, Read More

      Friendly Cove (Yuquot) which means “where the winds blow from many directions” is the  birth place of British Columbia’s first national historic site, established in 1923. We anchored there on our sail around Vancouver Island in 2012. We went ashore and were met by two grandchildren of the remaining two people, Read More