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Since our last post in Newfoundland we have spent two weeks in Chiapas, Mexico doing chores on the boat and enjoying time with friends from S/v Grace and s/v Kanilela. Nov. 28th and we are ready to leave Mexico.We have spent four years here. I know we will miss it. We have a lot of good memories of the people we have met and the kindness we have been shown. Thank you Mexico.
Courtesy of the pilot boatWe check out of Mexico early on the 28th and after a 42 hour sail we are in El Salvador. Mags and Gord from Kanilela left at the same time. To say the least the trip down was uncomfortable. Twelve consecutive hours of 30 to 40 knot winds on the nose plus two more shorter periods of gusts into the forties. At daylight on the 30th the pilot boat from the Bahia del Sol marina met us at the mouth of the estuary for an escort over the bar and into the marina. The pilot lined us with the entrance to the estuary, one at a time, and told us to gun the engine and follow him. After a few minutes of surfing we hear over the radio ” you are over the bar welcome to El Salvador “.  A simple immigration and customs check in.  Bushed, salted and hungry we head to the bunk for much needed rest.
The following day we realize we are in a very nice resort complete with hotel, , restaurant complete with all the amenities of a modern complex. We decide to leave the boat here until after Christmas and do some land travel and see some of El Salvador.
Marina Pool


The resort is located on an estuary that extends up into the mangroves three or four miles. Across form the marina we visited a small village, 100 people, that has no water or sewer, power, cable or any other ” modern “convenience but everyone seemed happy and were very friendly. The only activity was a bit of fishing.

Girl carrying water back to the village

Girl ferries water back to her village



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