It’s the12th of January and we are leaving El Salvador. It is easy to see why people come to visit and never leave. We have met a lot of great people here, people from different parts of the world, who have done just that, come and never left. Friends Gord and Mags, like us, are leaving as well, not because they want, but so they don’t stay. Yesterday at Lynn and Lou’s weekly bbq and again today at the pier we said our goodbys. Not far from the marina the engine ran hot due to a blocked intake. Our friend and pilot Bill came to the rescue with a diver. A half hour later we are out and over the bar and on our way for the overnight trip to Isla El Tigre in Honduras.


Kanilela being boarded


Tuk Tuks

We arrived and checked into Honduras at the small town of Amapala on the island of El Tigre. Both boats are boarded and inspected by the navy. This island is well known because it was a CIA base used by the US for anti Sandinista contras fighting the Marxist government of Nicaragua during the 1980’s. The town of Amapala is small, approx 1200 people but with 100 tuk tuk’s. They are everywhere and busy. This was a thriving community before they dredged the channel up to San Lorenzo and moved the commercial port there. We made the 20 plus mile trip up the channel to San Lorenzo and spent two days exploring the city. We didn’t get much sleep due to the loud disco music from the bars on shore. When we were ready to leave the engine would not start due to a faulty battery. (the trials and tribulations of owning a boat).  Kanilela came alongside and gerry rigged a booster cable, the engine started and we are on our way back.

At El Tigre we anchored off a beautiful beach and spent two more nights waiting a weather window for our move to Nicaragua. We drank beer and ate shrimp in the little restaurants on the beach. I totally enjoyed watching four young boys set a 2 to 3 hundred fathom net. They rowed it out from the beach making a half moon shape then made noise banging their paddles on the canoe, throwing rocks, swimming and splashing anything to frighten the fish into the net!! After a half hour they pulled it in. This they did all day!  What a lot of energy they have!!  What a way to spend a childhood!!  When they noticed I was taking pictures from the boat, they put on a show for me. Mary offered them Coke which they gladly swam for.


This is a place of much beauty with very warm friendly people. Honduras has a population of 8.4 million people and 65% of them live below the poverty line. 55% of the population is under 24 years of age and only 4% is over 65. Compare this to Canada. Here when you walk the streets you rarely see an older person whereas in Canada you rarely see a young person. Babies everywhere and cute.

DSC_0588 (1)




Color is popular

Boat colour is popular


18 km road around El Tigre


Dugouts fishing off our stern early morning


Dugout returns with morning catch

Our stay in Honduras has been brief but we really enjoyed it. The weather looks good for tonight so the plan is to leave at 10 pm for the overnight sail to Puesta del Sol in Nicaragua.




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