Inland El Salvador


After a day in a very busy city, we decided to rent a car and see a little of the El Salvadorian countryside. We left San Salvador in the morning and headed for the ruins of Joya de Ceren. This is the site of a pre-hispanic farming village that was covered by a volcanic eruption in the 70th AD. The site was discovered in 1976 by a construction crew. Excavations have been ongoing since 1989. Eighteen structures have been identified and 10 have been excavated.
DSC_0245 8.01.01 PM
Sweat House


Next we visited San Andres a pre Columbian site in El Salvador. It was occupied around 900 BC and due to an eruption of the Caldera of Lake LLopango, it was vacated by the year 250 and resettled again in the 5th century. The excavations so far have been of the political and ceremonial centers. A group of school children were also visiting that day complete with armed escorts.



Soldiers guarding children

         By noon we decided to visit a few smaller towns in the area, have lunch, and be tourists, which I am sure that’s how we were viewed, being the only North Americans we have seen for days. 




After a full day we headed back to the hotel in San Salvador.

Back at the marina the following day we are reminded just how beautiful this place is. The marina is located in a lagoon that winds its way up into the mangroves for about 4 miles. On the ocean side is a beautiful beach that stretches for miles.


Mangroves up the lagoon



Sunset on the beach

View walking the beach



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