Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We left beautiful Roatan on February 19, 2016 enroute to Isla Mujeres.  We sailed with our buddy boat Orion 1.  It was a two night sail and having another boat to chat with and just be there made the crossing so much more relaxing.  Our first night was a bit rough to say the least! We took a bit of beating from the wind and waves and got a couple of soakings!! It was too rough to be in the galley and even using the head proved a bit of a challenge!! We had prepared some food and this kept us nourished along the way.

We saw at least three cruise ships in the area of Cozumel and Cancun and with their size and close proximity, they were just a little intimidating!!

We took turns having a little snooze break and held on to stay upright while we were on the helm!! I learned the hard way to never let go even to turn on the flashlight!!! My poor backside took the brunt of the fall and it still hurt for weeks after!!

Our second day and night proved to be much calmer much to my delight!  Fair weather sailor!!

We arrived Isla Mujeres the morning of Feb 21, 2016 and checked into Marina Parasio. Checking in was fast and efficient, thanks to the dockmaster, Chipo!!

We have been here a month and are enjoying it immensely.  What a beautiful little piece of paradise in Mexico.   We loved our visits to Mexico on the Pacific side and have nothing but good memories.  Likewise here, and if possible even more beautiful!!  There is a ferry from here to Cancun and we have made many crossings for parts and shopping etc. Its an 18 minute ferry ride each way and cost $300 pesos return per person.  The mode of transportation on the Island is mostly Golf Carts! There is also cheap taxi service.

We rented a cart for a day and did a tour of the beautiful Island. It is very pretty, laid back and friendly.    Cheap food and beverage and lots of good friends.  Can’t beat that!!  We went out with a group for tacos and beer and we paid $216 pesos for six tacos and 4 beer $11 Canadian!! Paul keeps saying “remind me again why you want to live anywhere else”.

Our good friends, Deb and John on Orion 1, are here and friends we met in Roatan,  Carmen and Vlad on Inti, are also here.  Plus we have met many great new cruising friends!

Last week six of us rented a 7 passenger van and spent three days visiting the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, Coba and Ek’Balam, and stayed in the small villages and of course enjoyed the Mexican culture (including food and drinks!!)  Salud!!!




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