La Paz December 2014


December 17th and we are in La Paz to sail the boat further South but we have had some bad luck which will delay out progress somewhat. Genesis received damage in hurricane Odile that swept up the Bahai in September. Most of the damage was to the railing. Genesis fell over on another boat and her railing was damaged. The arch, bow pulpit and stern railing all had to be replaced. The cost for the new railing 14,700 dollars. Sergio, the guy doing the work did an excellent job, really a work of art. One upper stay had to be replaced. Some minor scratches needed repair and the bottom needed paint. In order for the railing to be replaced the wiring leading to the radar,GPS and chart plotter had to be removed and we are having problems with the electronics. The linear drive on the autopilot was damaged and repaired in Vancouver but is not working. Total cost of the repair approximately 20,000 dollars. La Paz is a good place to have work done with lots of good trades people and marine supplies. Susan and Dennis Ross are an excellent contact for any needing help. They at Marina Palmira and are quite familiar with the services available in the area. Good people.

Del Espirto Santo

Isla Del Espirito Santo

We have five weeks holidays left before I return to work so we decide to head South and use the I-pad for Navigation and steer manually. Our friend Hudson from New York, who works in California, has joined us for the trip South. The equipment here at the boat yard is not state of the art but the guys work with what they have. The launch itself went smooth with a little glitch at the end when the boat would not come off the trailer but with a little extra hydraulic oil for the rams she floated off. The storage yard here at Atalanta leaves a lot to be desired. The yard is dirty and untidy. There is no electricity or water available. I am told the owner does not want any one doing work in the yard, my advice is for yachts to grant him his wish, there are better places to store your boat. We do appreciate the help Lourdes, the only person working at the yard, gave us as the repairs were being done. We provisioned the boat and left La Paz December 29,  1:30 PM and anchored at Isla Del Espiritu Santo. Other than the chart plotter and auto pilot  all systems are working. We plan to anchor at  Bahia Los Muertos  and head across the gulf in the morning.

December 31, an early rise and we set sail for Mazatlan. Good sailing for the first 3 hours , motored sailed for a couple and finally motored as the wind came on the nose.
We had ribs with cocktails and wine 3:30 PM and later watched a beautiful sunset. We took turns at the helm breaking out a bottle of champagne at midnight. After 33 hours we arrived Mazatlan  new years day and docked at EL Sid Marina. A very nice couple from Victoria gave us one of their keys to the gate as the office wasn’t open, it being new year’s day. The three of us went out for dinner at a restaurant at the marina. The food was good but the portions were not near enough for Hudson or myself.

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  1. We introduced Hudson and Maggie to hard boiled eggs served hot with butter!! Yummy eh guys??

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