San Salvador

Naturally our first trip inland would be to San Salvador the capital of El Salvador. With friends Gord and Megs from Kanilela we caught the local bus in front of the marina at 6:45. The trip to San Salvador is a hour and a half with one transfer. You have to ride these buses to really experience the El Salvador bus system. They are cheap, 3 dollars and 30 cents for the full trip, per couple. The buses are crowded with the hustler always packing in one more passenger. They are fast and really a bit nerve racking at first. The plan was for a day trip but we stayed two nights. A full day in San Salvador which has a metro population on 1.4 million people and infrastructure to support maybe half. The traffic is crazy busy as are the markets.
The buildings are not really old here, as they were destroyed by natural disasters over the years, but they have been rebuilt and are very impressive.
It is said that great things happen when artist get their hands on religion and the Rosario Church is a fine example. It is very impressive on the inside with the array of stained glass creating rainbow lights and the scrap steel statues. Really it is inspiring!  From the outside it looks like an old airport hanger.

The church outside

The church outside



The current National Palace building replaced the old National Palace built in 1866–1870, which was destroyed by fire on December 19, 1889. The construction, done between 1905 and 1911, was the work of engineer José Emilio Alcaine, under the direction of the foreman Pascasio González Erazo. The materials used were imported from several European countries including Germany, Italy and Belgium. The Palace’s facilities were occupied by government offices until 1974.The building contains four main rooms and 101 secondary rooms; each of the four main rooms has a distinctive color.

colonial bldg number 2

           Also facing the Plaza Barrios is the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Savior (Spanish: Catedral Metropolitana de San Salvador) this is the principal church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Salvador and the seat of the Archbishop of San Salvador.


          Enough for one day and we head for the hotel

Mary at the hotel

Mary at the hotel



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